I tried install WolframScript to use WolframLanguage in Jupyter notebook. https://github.com/WolframResearch/WolframLanguageForJupyter

Wolfram Language kernel for Jupyter notebooks requires WolframEngine and WolframScript. WolframEngine was correctly installed. I could logged in with my wolfram ID and calculate something in Terminal.app. However, WolframScript doesn't work. It says,

The product exited during an activation attempt because an error occurred.

[Process completed]

This may also cause the error below when I run ./configure-jupyter.wls add in WolframLanguageForJupyter directory

sh: /WolframKernel: No such file or directory

It can execute only numerical calculation in Terminal and can't plot the answer. I would like to use Jupyter notebook to work Plot[].

Thank you in advance.

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I was in trouble with my MBP too but I finally solved this problem.

Please check this site: https://support.wolfram.com/47243

and read the section "How do I specify which kernel WolframScript should use?".

Next please launch WolframScript from the command line with the command as written.

You will see the message "Configured:WOLFRAMSCRIPT_KERNELPATH=/Applications/Wolfram Engine.app/Contents/MacOS/WolframKernel" if your machine is Mac (just example).

Now you can use "wolframscript" command.

The problem was so simple I think. Only WolframEngine(kernel) asks activation, so only it knows about it. However, WolframScript needs activation too, but there is only one-time activation to avoid asking many times. Then we need to tell wolframscript where the kernel is of course.


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