I installed the free Wolfram Script and Wolfram Engine on my Mac (I do not have Mathematica), and I generated free activation keys. After entering these keys into the terminal, I am able to run wolframscript from the terminal successfully. E.g. with a file filename.wls with contents Print["Hello world"];, I can run wolframscript -f filename.wls and everything runs smoothly. Wolframscript is located at /Application/WolframScript.app/Contents/MacOS/wolframscript.

In visual studio code, I installed the Wolfram Language extension. Syntax coloring works well, but other things do not (e.g. documentation on hover). Most importantly though, I cannot get the kernel to work. In the settings.json file, I added "wolfram.kernel": "/Applications/WolframScript.app/Contents/MacOS/wolframscript". Now, when I open .wls files in Visual Studio Code, I get the following error five times:

Connection to server got closed. Server will restart.

The Wolfram Engine could not be activated using your Wolfram ID.

This may have occurred because WolframScript has already activated a different installation of the Wolfram Engine using your account's limited free activation keys. Only two keys are generated when you create a free Wolfram Engine license using https://www.wolfram.com/engine/free-license/.

For additional Wolfram Engine keys, contact Wolfram Research at https://www.wolfram.com/contact-us/.

I also tried changing "wolfram.kernel" to "/Applications/Wolfram Engine.app/Contents/MacOS/WolframKernel" and "/Applications/Wolfram Engine.app/Contents/MacOS/Wolfram Engine". Both give the same error.

Why does everything work in my terminal but not in Visual Studio Code? How can I get all the features of the Wolfram Language vscode extension to work? Thanks!

  • $\begingroup$ Did you check how many wolfram kernels are running? Maybe another process is already using it. $\endgroup$
    – Oscillon
    Aug 14, 2023 at 21:10

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Reinstalling everything and changing "wolfram.kernel" to "/Applications/Wolfram Engine.app/Contents/MacOS/WolframKernel" fixed the problem.


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