When I try to run wolframscript for the first time, here is what happens

$ wolframscript 

The Wolfram Engine requires one-time activation on this computer.

Visit https://wolfram.com/engine/free-license to get your free license.

Wolfram ID: my-email@gmail.com
The Wolfram Engine exited during an activation attempt because of a license error: invalid activation key entered.

I already went to https://wolfram.com/engine/free-license and activated my license

enter image description here

I tried with two different accounts on two different computers, and it failed with both.

  • $\begingroup$ You need to install engine version as root user and restart the terminal line to input your user register name and password. $\endgroup$
    – cvgmt
    Dec 7 '20 at 5:22
  • $\begingroup$ That's what I did, already $\endgroup$
    – Cydouzo
    Dec 7 '20 at 6:20

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