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Accessing geometry in Shape files (SHP)

I will use an example to demonstrate the code. First, download the shape file "" from
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Import YAML file into Mathematica

I wrote such a cross-platform tool to convert other formats to wolfram format: WolframExchange Usage ...
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Import YAML file into Mathematica

I just wrote an importer: It's built on SnakeYAML and supports all language-independent types. Example 2.10 from the spec: ...
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How to make Import recognize a new file extension?

Here's a nice trick. We can simply figure out how FileFormat works and write a little wrapper, which frees us from overloading ...
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Interpolation error to generate a two variable function

You won't have much luck attempting to use interpolation using both $X$ and $Y$ with any software package. Here is a plot of your data: ...
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Strange behavior exporting UnsignedInteger64 in HDF5 format

This is, unfortunately, a bug in HDF5 Export, which we will try to fix in the next release of the Wolfram Language. A workaround for versions 12.3.1 and below is to use (undocumented) ...
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Import structure from Matlab into Mathematica 12 and nested lookup

Your P has reproduced your Structs as Associations but embedded them in some frustrating ...
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DataEncoding and compression in HDF5 format

You can see: The package has the functionality you need for writing at low level. HOWEVER, the high level functions are designed more for reading. ...
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Getting EPS imports to respect the original fill rule

We're getting closer. In Mathematica 12, there are now more filling rules available. The documentation of the new function WindingPolygon lists the following: The ...
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Converting other C++ classes to MTensor in LibraryLink

As @halirutan said, it is not possible to take already allocated memory and return it to Mathematica. The LibraryLink API does not provide any access to Mathematica's memory management (like malloc, ...
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