I have only just started using Mathematica Online and I have encountered a problem already with the ubiquitous closing square bracket ] using a Spanish key board. I am working on a laptop using Windows 7 and the way to input the closing square bracket into a notebook is by using ALT GR or CTRL + ALT and hitting the key two positions to the right of the 'p' (same key where the ] is located on a US keyboard). When I do that, it doesn't insert the square bracket, but an orange = sign with a small input box instead (for natural language input I assume).

There seem to have been similar problems with older versions of the desktop version of Mathematica, but the work arounds I could find are not applicable to Mathematica Online. Short of copying and pasting the closing bracket from elsewhere into the notebook or remapping the keys on the keyboard, is there any other way to resolve this? Has anybody else encountered this problem? Obviously, since I am working on a laptop, switching keyboards isn't a straightforward option.



  • $\begingroup$ Probably the same problem as here. The good new : this problem is solved, at least on Chrome and Firefox $\endgroup$
    – andre314
    Feb 8, 2019 at 22:09

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In OS X, I have not been able to reproduce your problem.

But on Windows I use: Alt + 93 to insert ] when I need it. It is slower but it works. You just need to press numbers on Numeric Pad. I hope your laptop have one or if not use Fn to access a virtual numPad.

Here is a guide of other codes and here is a Wikipedia article explaining it.

Lets hope Wolfram solves this issue soon.


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