Bug introduced in $CloudVersion V1.38 or earlier and fixed in V1.46

[...] I checked and reproduced your issue, and have passed along a report to our developers on the same [...]


Here's an example from docs:

        EmbeddedHTML @ StringTemplate["
          <!DOCTYPE html>
          <html><body><h2 style=\"color:`1`\">
            This text is `1`.
            {color, "red"},
            {"red" -> Red, "green" -> Green, "blue" -> Blue}
        ControlPlacement -> Left, ContentSize -> 350
    Permissions -> "Public"

enter image description here

It used to work, any tips how to fix it?


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Problem seems to be fixed in 1.45 $CloudVersion.

I'm not aware of any workaround for earlier versions but it should not matter unless you use Private Cloud and somehow got stuck with older version.


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