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The OP almost had it with attempting to use PolynomialForm[]. All that was missing is the use of an appropriate setting: PolynomialForm[a x^2 + b x + c + x^3 /. x -> (x - a/3), TraditionalOrder -> True] (x - a/3)^3 + a (x - a/3)^2 + b (x - a/3) + c As is usual with *Form[] functions, this is only suitable for display/pretty ...


All credits goes to J. M.'s technical difficulties♦ The trick is to use the Inactivate function to prevent Mathematica to apply the powers. Inactivate[{2^2, 3^3, 4^2}, Power] Then use SortBy function to compare the Active forms of the elements. SortBy[Inactivate[{2^2, 3^3, 4^2}, Power], Activate] Result: {2^2,4^2,3^3}

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