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I've got the same problem (mathematica 12, Linux Mint Mate 20) without any solution. Just now I installed version 12.1.1 and the method with file ~.Mathematica/FrontEnd/frontend.css is working now! Content of this file: * { font-size:16pt; font-family:"Griffy"; }


The issue comes from TypeSystem`NestedGrid`PackagePrivate`smallQ, which is used to decide whether to display an item in full or whether to elide it with …: TypeSystem`NestedGrid`PackagePrivate`smallQ[e_] := Or[SameQ[TypeSystem`PackageScope`$ElisionEnabled, False], TypeSystem`AtomicDataQ[e], And[Length@e <= TypeSystem`PackageScope`$...


Type your regular expressions using _ for subscripts and ^ for superscripts. Then move to the very right and hover the mouse pointer over the cell bracket. A tiny gear icon should appear. Click on it to pop up a context menu. In that menu, go to "Convert to" and select "TraditionalForm." The subscripts and superscripts should now render ...

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