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How to increase height of square brackets in legend label?

LineLegend[{Red, Green, Blue}, {1, 2, 3}, LegendLabel -> StandardForm[d [HoldForm[10^6 km]]], LabelStyle -> 10] ...
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Work around for subscripts and superscripts in text cells reverting to SuperScript[...]

This below is using V 14 on windows 10 pro. You need a space between them. So you can work around this by inserting VeryThinspace between them,. Like this So instead of this Do this Note that ...
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FoxH function format implementation issue

FoxH[{{}, {{a, b}, {c, d}}}, {{{e, f}, {g, h}}, {}}, z] // TraditionalForm By the way, TeXForm fails on ...
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Saving formatted code

This is the first cell group (code of which is to be saved as a string that preserve exact formatting of original cell): Code of the input cell of the first cell group: ...
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Saving formatted code

You can save the code in the comments of the file. I use ExportByteArray and ImportByteArray to demonstrate but you can convert ...
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Saving formatted code

Yes. The key is to use the Hold* attributes. I'll demonstrate with HoldRest. ...
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