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Editing the "DialogStyle" cell style works for the Information case. In general you need to look at where the BoxObject of interest will inherit its styles from. In this case I just did ToBoxes[Information[a]] and figured it out like that. StyleSheetEdit[ "DialogStyle", FontColor -> Red, "MakeCell" -> True ] Information[a]


Interestingly, Wolfram Cloud seems to give an almost-desired answer, clearly indicating use of a differing subroutine. Posting this an an answer as it is too much for a comment: F[k_] := Sum[Binomial[k, r]*\[CapitalDelta]x^r*\[CapitalDelta]y^(k - r)* Derivative[r, k - r][f][x0, y0], {r, 0, k}] f[x_, y_] := x^2*y^2 Expand[Sum[F[i]/i!, {i, 0, 3}]] Gives ...


orderedForm[poly_, var_List] := HoldForm[+##] & @@ MonomialList[poly, var][[Ordering[-Total[#] & @@@ CoefficientRules[poly, var], All, GreaterEqual]]]; orderedForm[ Expand[Sum[ F[i]/i!, {i, 0, 3}]], {Δx, Δy}]

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