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How to track the changes of the variable on a low level / TrackedSymbols? [duplicate]

There is a nice option to Dynamic or Manipulate wrapper functions, where one can specify, which of symbols Mathematica should ...
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Segmenting a binary image into three parts

I am trying to segment a binary image into three parts, head, body, and tail. The binary image is a stack of tiff files of a moving fruit fly larvae. I was able to do this initially by removing points ...
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Manipulate control with trackingfunction under autorun

I'm writing a demonstration that has complicated inter-dependencies among controls that can be time-consuming to evaluate. It's working well, except that it breaks when I try to use autorun. I think ...
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Tracking cells as they move under a microscope

I have a video (tiff file) of cells under a microscope and I'd like to segment and track the location and sizes of them across time: It has a hundred frames: I've uploaded it here (now it is public):...
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Roulette Ball Tracking with Mathematica

There is an image from roulette spin video, and I have a code to track the ball position on the image (*Mask is a visible ball track on the rim*) ...
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Interactive angles

The following is nearly what I am after, but the angles don't behave quite as I'd like: ...
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TrackingFunction failure with Degree [duplicate]

The following (simplified) code works as I intended: ...
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TrackingFunction in Manipulate

I use this Manipulate to generate a dynamic graphic: ...
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Tracking particles with ImageFeatureTrack

I am currently trying to track little dots in a series of the following images: However, some of the dots disappear and reappear all the time. As soon as a dot is not linked by ...
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