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How to reproduce such a plot in Mathematica?

Is there any possibility to reproduce the following in Mathematica: Based on my previous question here, I can obtain the real coordinates of some of the points, in particular those whose their $x$ ...
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How to separate these circle based on their pixels mean intensity?

I have this image I want to separate green circles from yellow circle in two different images whiteout changing the pixel intensity information. I used the mean intensity ...
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Problem with batch processing of images

I am having some problems with a palette I have designed to apply identical image processing to microscopy images. I would like to apply identical processing across a folder of images (representing ...
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Mathematica for automatic image processing and quantification [closed]

I've been working on image analysis pipeline that involves a set of batch processing macros in ImageJ (for image segmentation) and data processing in Excel (VBA). I've got the process run in 4-5 ...
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How to track a deformable rod in video?

I have a video of nanotubes in solution taken with a confocal laser microscope. I typically track these nanotubes with Fiesta or Fiji, but in this case, there is variation in brightness that is ...
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Tracking cells as they move under a microscope

I have a video (tiff file) of cells under a microscope and I'd like to segment and track the location and sizes of them across time: It has a hundred frames: I've uploaded it here (now it is public):...
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