FlightData is listed in Transportation Data but its link does not work in Mathematica help or on the website reference help. It also returns a symbol-not-found error from Definition (?).

Information::notfound: Symbol FlightData not found. >> 

However, if you ask for flight data in a WolframAlpha query it does return the data.

  WolframAlpha["American Airlines flight 234", 
   "DataRules"]][{{"FlightStatus:FlightData", 1}, "ComputableData"}]
(* "estimated to depart Miami, Florida, United States  (KMIA) at 10:33 pm ADT (today)" *)

Is this a bug with FlightData, or did some not yet implemented functions made it to the documentation?


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This is a documentation oversight.

The function FlightData is not available in Mathematica as of this time.


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