Suppose I have two cells. The first cell is styled with "Section", and has contents "Section". The second cell is

Column[Table[StringJoin["a", ToString[n]], {n, 0, 50}]] // TraditionalForm

and the evaluation of that.

When I click Save As, and save this notebook as a .pdf file, I get the following page split:

First page:

first page

Second page:

second page

The full notebook file is available at https://gist.github.com/JasonGross/f8fa30c1488ea4c42a53b90dc86fccd9

I would like instead to have the column be split in the middle. This happens automatically with, e.g.,

Column[Table[StringJoin["a", ToString[n]], {n, 0, 100}]] // TraditionalForm

How do I tell Mathematica that is is free to split columns across pages?



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