I'm doing some calculations on a notebook, and then I print the results. All my code is written in a single cell. Later, I save the notebook as a PDF file.

I want the results to be grouped correctly, each on a different page. Is there a way to print a page-break?

I want to do this in my code, and then to get every calculation in a different page. I searched the help, but I only found menu options to manually insert page break.

I've also seen that I could CreateDocument and maybe manipulate that, but I prefer doing it straight on the notebook I'm working on.



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To insert a pagebreak after each output cell, you can add CellPrint@Cell["", "PageBreak"]; after your Print statements as shown below:

CellPrint@Cell["", "PageBreak"]

Alternatively, you could redefine the Print function locally for your whole code block as follows:

With[{Print = (Print@#; CellPrint@Cell["", "PageBreak"])&},
...your code...



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