When I solve the system of differential equations I get two solutions for each variable (See the picture). My question is how I can neglect one of the solutions at the plot (The yellow and the blue). Thanks.



Code for the plot:


Thnks.enter image description here


First I take your solution with smaller integration range:

sol = NDSolve[{3 y[x] - 0.5 z[x]^2 == y[x]*z'[x]^2 (0.5 + 9 y[x]), -y'[x] == 
y[x]*z'[x]^2 + y[x]^2*z'[x]^2 (18 + 4) - y[x]*y'[x]*z'[x]^2,y[0] == 1, z[0] == 0.2}, {z, y}, {x, 0, .5}]

sol contains two different solution pairs sol[[1]] and sol[[2]]

Plot[Evaluate[{Sqrt[y[x]], z[x]} /. sol[[1]]], {x, 0, 0.5}]

enter image description here

Plot[Evaluate[{Sqrt[y[x]], z[x]} /. sol[[2]]], {x, 0, 0.5}]

enter image description here


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