I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to disable the feature of Mathematica whereby if you double click the brackets to the right of a formula + output, it collapses the output.

I want to disable this feature because, sometimes, when I mean to click once to copy a formula, sometimes the software misinterprets it as a double click and collapses the cell group.

Since I do not actually use the double-click to collapse feature itself, I would rather disable it altogether. Is that possible?


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Setting the option values for AllowGroupClose and AllowReverseGroupClose to False seems to give the desired result:

  {AllowGroupClose -> False, AllowReverseGroupClose -> False}]

Replace EvaluationNotebook[] with $FrontEnd (respectively $FrontEndSession) to make the changes apply to global settings for front end (respectively the current session).

Alternatively, you can change these option settings using the Option Inspector from the Format menu. The options are located under Cell Options >> General Properties.

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