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Calling Mathematica functions from Node js project. Similar to .NET by making Mathematica Kernel? [closed]

How to call Mathematica functions from my Node js project? Is there any way I can do it like we do in .NET by making mathematica kernel?
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Make Mathematica input things on a website and take the data out

So I found a website that calculates polynomials that I need it intakes a word of a's and b's say aabba and outputs a polynomial. Here is the website:
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How do I get access to the element which is inside a document in iframe?

If the element is not inside an iframe then the following works: ...
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ExternalEvaluate Error

I have installed NodeJS. session = StartExternalSession["NodeJS"]; And I ran the comci.js file. comci.js file URL ( enter link description here) However, ...
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How to run JS files using NodeJS?

I have installed NodeJS. And I ran the comci.js file. comci.js file URL ( ) After that, I entered the command getTimeTable according to the format and executed it. However, ...
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nodejs install and use npm packages

Having nodejs is very nice, but most useful it becomes by accessing all of its packages distributed via npm. How can I install a ...
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Using java-script code in Mathematica

I have the following HTML file stored on "C:\local.html": ...
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How to install node modules for external evaluation?

I was hoping for some extra clarity configuring additional modules for use in external evaluation, since there's no mention of this in the the nodejs workflow. It seems mathematica looks only at <...
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Why I can't link to Node.js in Mathematica

Suddenly I want to use ExternalEvaluate with Mathematica(for windows [email protected]/12.1) and Node.js(for windows [email protected] and [email protected]). Sure I have already read ...
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How to use console.log() in the new NodeJS external language Cell functionality in version 12.0?

If I type the following Mathematica returns nothing. Requesting Information[%] seems to indicate that the operation $Failed. I ...
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