I am attempting to perform a comparison of pseudorandom number generation with the RAND Corporation's "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates" for a Computational Physics course.

I have the text file, which is available from the RAND Website. I have tried Import and Import["data.txt", Table] with minimal success. My desire is to get this in a table format where I can then use them in a Monte Carlo simulation. I would prefer to be able to address this in the format "randData[m,n]" like addressing the value in an m,n matrix.

I am aware of similar questions, and have used the search. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

importing a matrix Importing data sets from plain-text files and performing operations on them


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import = Import["c:\\users\\rasher\\downloads\\digits.txt"];
randData = Partition[ToExpression[StringSplit[import]], 11];

randData[[1, 10]]

( * 39292 *)

randData is [[line, column]] of the text, in numeric form.


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