I have a *.txt file with values like so:

0 2 4 3 4 2

the position in this huge *.txt corresponds to the x and y coordinates of the value (in the text file). For example that 0 has coordinates {0, 0}, the 2 has coordinates {0, 1} and so on. After the
{0, 1000} comes the value with {1, 0} coordinates.

I just need to import this file and later on re-use it.


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Some fake data:

faketxtdata=StringJoin@@Table[ToString[RandomInteger[{0,10}]]<>"  ",{10201}];

The first 20 characters of the data:

(* 9  10  2  4  10  10   *)

The file fakedata.txt contains a single string:


Using "Words" as the second argument of Import, imports

words separated by spaces, given as a list of strings.

imp=Import["fakedata.txt", "Words"];

And ... a possible interpretation of

Plot data from txt


I need to make a density plot

in OP's original post:


enter image description here


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