I ran the below code and obtained a paper article001 with arXiv ID 1609.05206v3.

arXiv = ServiceConnect["ArXiv"] 
articles = arXiv["Search", {"Query" -> "Quantum Eraser", MaxItems -> 4}]
article001 = articles[[1, {"ID", "URL", "Published", "Title"}]]

Is it possible to get all the papers (say their arXiv ID) being cited by article001?


  • $\begingroup$ I think the problem is that there is no unique style for organising the bibliography on an arxiv submission, so you should write a code to parse that info from the pdf. If you are lucky, the authors might have submitted the latex source as well and the task might be slightly easier. $\endgroup$ – Fraccalo Aug 18 at 22:56

You can use "ID" to construct a URL to link to the references page on ui.adsabs.harvard.edu:

refsLink = Hyperlink["https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/#abs/arXiv:" <> 
     First[StringSplit[#, "v"]] <> "/references"] &;

ds1 = articles[All, {"ID", "Title"}];
ds2 = articles[All, Key["ID"] /* <|"References" -> refsLink|>];

Join[ds1, ds2, 2]

enter image description here


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