Using PlotLegend I would like to show a legend with a mix of lines and markers

see example data and plot command

x = Range[1, 10];
list1 = x^2;
list2 = {1, 3, 5, 2, 6, 8, 2, 8, 9, 4};
list3 = 2 x + 7;
list4 = 15 x - x^2;

ListPlot[{Thread[{x, list1}], Thread[{x, list2}], Thread[{x, list3}], 
Thread[{x, list4}]}, Joined -> {True, True, True, False}, 
PlotMarkers -> {"", "", "", Graphics@Disk[{0, 0}, [email protected]]}, 
PlotStyle -> Thick, Frame -> True, ImageSize -> Large, 
FrameLabel -> {"x", "y", "Example "}, 
PlotLegends -> {"list 1", "list 2", "list 3", "list 4"}]

This creates the plot Example Plot

which is almost what I am after, except I want the circular marker to be evident in the legend.

In the past you could not do this with PlotLegend - I am hoping that this has changed with newer versions of Mathematica.

Here's a solution where you need to manually set all the line colours etc. How to use LineLegend and SwatchLegend together (this is several years old - why I am essentially re-asking the question)

Is anyone aware of a way to do this within a single plot command, so that I do not have to manually set all the line colours etc and can use the underlying defaults?

If the answer is no - that would be good to know, I'll go the manual route.


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How about:

    {list1, list2, list3, list4},
    PlotMarkers->{"","","",{Graphics[{Black, Disk[{0,0}]}],.02}},
        {"list1", "list2", "list3", "list4"},

enter image description here


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