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4 votes
3 answers

Behavior of Mathematica 12.3.1, 13.0.1 under certain integrations

I have a couple of modules (Laplace transformation of Plus-distributions) that were completely straightforward to integrate with version 12.0.0. However, recently ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to unfreeze the size of palettes in the 12.0 version

I have a counter-natural question. It started from the move from version 12.2 to 12.0 which for whatever unnatural reason was forced by the university. The latter is subscribed for Mathematica and it ...
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1 vote
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Limit gives wrong answer on both Mathematica 12.0 and Wolfram-Alpha

Limit[(Cos[x^2]/(x^2) - Cos[(x + 1)^2]/((x + 1)^2))/(1/(x^3)), x -> Infinity] Plot[(Cos[x^2]/(x^2) - Cos[(x + 1)^2]/((x + 1)^2))/(1/(x^3)), {x, 0, 1000}] The ...
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Strange behavior when placing a Legend on a GraphicsRow, Column or Grid

Consider the following example: ...
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