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Speed up the evaluation process

I am writing a code to simulate some spins. Following is the main part of the code: ...
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Solving high dimensional nonlinear algebraic equation numerically

I would like to solve an algebraic equation A=f(A) whose argument A is a large 3D matrix. Ideally, I would not like to flatten the system of equations, before feeding into FindRoot because f(A) ...
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Fitting a free parameter by matching a an array with another array

I have the following problem that I can't figure out how to solve. I have two measured signals, (data1 and data1), and their measured sum (datasummeasured). I have a theoretical description of how the ...
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Use elements of an array in a function [closed]

I have an array that I am importing from a mat file lets call it $A$. I want to define a function like F[n_,m_] = m A[[1,n]] But when I do this, I get an error <...
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How to remove extra parentheses in a matrix [closed]

I have the following matrix with Dimensions[A] = {5}. What is the easiest way to convert it to $8 \times 8$ matrix? ...
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Partition of lists with specified elements

I have an array like this and want to split it into sublists. It should contain the first element "Res" without curly braces and the one sublist starts from 2 to the 9th column the 3rd ...
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How to multiply NumericArrays element-wise? [duplicate]

Normally, Times threads element-wise over lists, so we can use it to express element-wise multiplication of arrays: ...
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Can NumericArray be Compiled?

I've have a big block of code written under Compile. Some other part of the code which receives data from shared Q useing ...
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Cannot generate an array of results for my numerical method

I want to apply the following scheme: $$ \begin{aligned} \psi_{i, j+1} &=-\psi_{i, j-1}+\left(\frac{\Delta t}{\Delta r_*}\right)^2\left(\psi_{i+1, j}+\psi_{i-1, j}\right) \\ &+\left(2-2\left(\...
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Strange behaviour of IntersectingQ

I wanted to check whether two lists of complex numbers have an element in common and stumbled upon this rather strange behaviour of the function IntersectingQ. If I ...
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Arithmetic operations on NumericArrays

Currently, NumericArrays are directly supported by the most important array-related functions, what makes them a very attractive data structure for implementing ...
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What is idiomatic way to extract NumericArray from Image?

It is easy to see that NumericArray is a construct underlying Image: ...
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Why the substraction of two big numbers does not yield 0, but taking their quotient yields 1?

I have two series, generated as, ...
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Problem with ConjugateTranspose on 1D array

Bug introduced in 12.3 or earlier, fixed in 13.0. Suppose I have a normalized numerical 1D array, B1, ...
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Making function $S$ such that inputs as an list $\{1,3,2,4, \}$ and produces $s_{1234}$

I want to make $S[\{,\cdots, \}]$ as follows First input of $S$ is given list $\{1,2,3,\cdots, n\}$ and it produces $s_{123\cdots n}$ Further, if the ordering of the list is given differently, still ...
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NumericArray in DICOM Implementation of Version 12.1

The 12.1 reimplementation of import for DICOM data seems to bring in the data from a single slice as a NumericArray, In the past, the data would be returned as a ...
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Get all step values from a while-loop

I did a loop (first of my life) for an iterative calculation. Is it possible to get all step values as a matrix. That means the "xValue" variable should be like {215.108,219.688,...} and not only the ...
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Identifying transitions in an array

I have two arrays of elements. The second array is generated by the transfer of one or more element to another position. I want to know which element is transferred to which position. Following is the ...
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Does NumericArray always maintain data unmodified?

Suppose that we create a NumericArray using a LibraryLink function, then pass this to another one. Is NumericArray guaranteed to maintain the binary data as it was ...
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Read NumericArray from a file

Suppose I have a binary file which consists of a list of integer or real numbers. Let's say signed 8-bit integers; so each byte of the file is a single such integer. How can I read it and turn it into ...
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