So I have factorized a transfer function and stored the terms in a variable. I want to print the product of terms without Mathematica joining them and without a break line. I have managed the first, but I am having the trouble with the second. Here is a small workable example, if someone can help me please.

TFilterListFactorized={{(1.05925 s)/(100324. + 1. s), (1.05925 s^2)/(
  1.00649*10^10 + 100324. s + 1. s^2)}}
For[i = 1, i <= Length[TFilterListFactorized], i++,
     For[j = 1, j <= Length[TFilterListFactorized[[i]]] - 1, j++,
      Print[TFilterListFactorized[[i]][[j]], "\[Times]"]

Thank you!


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If I understand you correctly, you have a list of expressions that are all the factors of a larger expression. And you want to print the product without evaluating it.

One way of doing this is to use "HoldForm":

list={(1.05925 s)/(100324. + 1. s), (1.05925 s^2)/(1.00649*10^10 + 
    100324. s + 1. s^2)};


enter image description here

If you want additionally an "x" between terms:

Row[HoldForm /@ Riffle[list, "x"]]

enter image description here


If you just want a display, something like this might work:

Row[TFilterListFactorized[[1]], "\[Times]"]

Or more generally when the list is longer:

Row[#, "\[Times]"] & /@ TFilterListFactorized

And you could introduce other things like Column or TableForm.


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