I have a large notebook with multiple sections. I would like to run the entire notebook with one variable change kquads. At the end of the notebook, I added one loop

Do[(Clear @@ DeleteCases[Names@"`*", "kquad" | "i"]; 
  kquad = 3.190597 + 3.190597 0.01 i; Print[kquad]; 
  NotebookEvaluate@EvaluationNotebook[]), {i, -2, 2, 1}]

However, this loop looks i always equals to -2. Probably, the selfevaluation also initial this command as well, set i =-2... How could I make i equals to -2,-1,0,1,2?


I solved this problem. Make a separate notebook and do this loop. It works.

    kini = 3.190597;
nstep = 0.02
n = 5
  "/Users/wange/Documents/Research/strong hadron cooling/lattice \
design/MBI/MBreduce/MB reduce.nb"], {kquad, kini - n nstep kini , 
  kini + n nstep kini, nstep kini }]

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