I am fairly new to Mathematica and I wanted to know if I can define the following operator


where the gamma's are actually matrices, but that isn't pertinent to the calculation; what is, however, is the position in which they are since they are three possible values that they can assume when multiplied together:

$\mu=\nu=0 \rightarrow -2$

$\mu=\nu\in \{1,2,3\} \rightarrow 2$

$\mu\neq \nu \in\{0,1,2,3\} \rightarrow 0 $

since they satisfy the anticommutation relation, $\{\gamma^{\mu},\gamma^{\nu}\}=\gamma^{\mu}\gamma^{\nu}+\gamma^{\nu}\gamma^{\mu}=2\eta^{\mu\nu}I_{4}$, such that I can then square the operator and apply it to some function $\psi(t,x,y,z)$, $E^2\psi$. I've been trying to use Nest and have even been looking at other posts for some ideas, but I can't seem to wrap my finger on how I can get this to work. Any help????




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