I can import an Excel file into Mathematica easily:

enter image description here

But when I try from .Net it fails:

enter image description here

These are the commands and errors I am getting:

xlData = Import[\"C://Users//138013//Desktop//RefinedDataset.xlsx\", {\"Sheets\", \"MySheet\"}]

"Import::chtype: \r\n First argument C://Users//138013//Desktop//RefinedDataset.xlsx\r\n is not a valid file, directory, or URL specification."

xlData = Import[\"//Desktop//RefinedDataset.xlsx\", {\"Sheets\", \"MySheet\"}]

"Import::nffil: File not found during Import."

I've done research and seen these articles but nothing shed light on why its an invalid file:
Importing from Excel
Open Excel file with Mathematica

Does someone know why Import is giving me a is not a valid file when the same command works in Mathematica and the file does exist and is valid?


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Answering my own question to help future .Net/Mathematica Developers. I've posted this answer as a Community Wiki, if anyone has a better/alternate solution please share.

This Q & A helped : How to set path of IMPORT from excel into Mathematica? but is specific to Mathematica - which works for me although same command via .NetLink fails.

It turns out in .Net you have to use 4 slashes:

enter image description here


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