I tried to run AceGen/AceFEM on my Mac(10.15.5). I installed Mathematica ( successfully and also the latest version of the AcePackage (7.113). The installation of the AcePackage is successful, saying the C compiler is found. Now I can build an element (from the MainLibrary) for example, but running a simulation is not possible. Both packages can be loaded, but executing the SMTInputData[]; command gives the following error.

LinkOpen: Specified file is not a MathLink executable..

External numerical module is closed. Please restart Mathematica and try again. If the error repeats rebuild and recompile all user elements in debug mode.

The latest version of Xcode is installed as well.

What can I do?

Thanks for your help!


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Supporting the new Mac OS has become a problem. Apple has dropped support for OpenMP parallelization. One of those strange decisions apple does occasionally... I hope that 7.114 version will work also on all Macs.


Updated 7.114 version has been tasted on various MAcs. So far OK.


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