Mathpix is a tool which can covert $\TeX$ image to $\TeX$ expression, they also say they can return a string which is compatible with the Wolfram Alpha engine if possible.

I found their documentation and did such an attempt:

doc: https://docs.mathpix.com/#processing-a-single-image

img = Import@"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Mathpix/api-examples/master/images/limit.jpg";
base64 = ExportString[ExportString[img, "JPEG"], "Base64"];
        "Method" -> "POST",
        "Headers" -> {
            "app_id" -> "trial",
            "app_key" -> "34f1a4cea0eaca8540c95908b4dc84ab",
            "Content-type" -> "application/json"
        "Body" -> {
            "src" -> "data:image/jpg;base64," <> base64,
            "format" -> <|"wolfram" -> True|>
] // URLExecute[#, "RawJSON"]&

Then Mathematica kept asking me to input Authentication Require, and no matter what I do with that, it always return:

    "error" -> "Invalid credentials",
    "error_info" -> <|
        "id" -> "http_unauthorized",
        "message" -> "Invalid credentials"

I don't know what Authentication Require is, can I avoid jumping out of that verification.


Try Mathpix API in Mathematica


  • $\begingroup$ Isn't that created by the very same person who asked the question above? :-) $\endgroup$ – Szabolcs Apr 5 '19 at 17:17

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