Let's suppose I have a simple classification problem:

data={{1,"a"}->True,{2,"b"}->True,{3,"b"}->True,{4,"a"}->True, {5,"a"}->False,{6,"b"}->True};
c=Classify[data, Method->"RandomForest"];
c[{5, "b"},"Probabilities"]

This piece of code produces different results occasionally:


I guess it happens because of internal pseudorandom generator calls within RandomForest. How can I make my results replicable (possible give a seed to internal generator)?

Setting a seed using SeedRandom does not make the result deterministic.


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You can save your trained classifier in .mx file and simply load it in the new session.

data = {{1, "a"} -> True, {2, "b"} -> True, {3, "b"} -> 
    True, {4, "a"} -> True, {5, "a"} -> False, {6, "b"} -> True};
c = Classify[data, Method -> "RandomForest"];
c[{5, "b"}, "Probabilities"]

<|False -> 0.202281, True -> 0.797719|>

Export["c.mx", c];



c = Import["c.mx"];

c[{5, "b"}, "Probabilities"]

<|False -> 0.202281, True -> 0.797719|>

Notice that you need to call Classify; before importing.


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