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I am Leo T Abraham. I befriended programming during my school days and since then my love for coding has only grown. I couldn’t wait to complete my plus two and join for computer engineering where I can learn more about coding. Four years flew away, and I had several projects completed and undying confidence within me to achieve more in this field.

Having completed my B.tech in Computer Science in 2012, I decided to begin my journey as a software programmer where I can pursue my passion in PHP that multiplied by leaps and bounds during my last two years in college. My first job as a software developer came with innumerable challenges and plenty of lessons to learn However, I understood that I had to undertake more projects to expand my skill set in programming and freelancing was the only option.

Through this website, I am keen to meet potential clients who will assign more challenging projects. I have experience working with CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Opencart, PHP probid and Joomla. I code keeping the functionality in mind and I believe this will result in better user experience. My understanding about new technologies and platforms has reflected in all the work I have done so far. I have done projects for industries ranging from travel to entertainment including e-commerce. The site will give you an insight about my work and my interests.

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