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Cody Geisler
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async function always wraps the return value in a Promise.resolve(value)

I write business automation programs. I studied Mechanical Engineering, and worked as a mechanical design engineer. I like control theory: classical, modern, and robust. (Think PID).

Some software I've worked on includes:

  • [Node.js] KMC Commander - a Building/HVAC IoT Platform
  • [VBA] Engineering Workflow Forms in Excel/VBA (Engineers love Excel.)
  • [Node.js/Bootstrap] Infor XA System-Link XML Mobile Responsive Web Service
  • [Node.js/DB2(SQL)] Infor XA ERP Applications - Multi-level Serial Number DB, Project Tracker, Quality Management System
  • [C#.NET] Solidworks/Draftsight Automation for Creating PDF,DXF, on Demand
  • [C#.Net/DB2/Salesforce] IBM i DB2 to Salesforce Bulkv2 API Consumer
  • [Typescript/Node.js/Java]Custom MAPICS/Infor XA Transaction Inventory/Order Processor
  • [Vue.js/Node.js/Java] Zebra Printer and Label Management System with ERP Integration

My favorite tools

  • Voidtools Everything
  • ConEmu
  • vscode

"Ow my head" programming accomplishments

  • Wrote a transaction processor for Infor XA using open-jt400, java, node.js, typescript and bringing together a lot of knowledge about a ERP Table with little information and having to interface with an IBM i operating system. Had to contribute to open source node-jt400 in order to achieve functionality required.
  • Converted some old DDS defined tables to SQL and worked with the ERP system to utilize RPG "user exits" to create SQL commands that linked historical data to extended data in a different table as well as understanding that the a comment type text object was SQL based instead of RPG based and having to deal with both of those at the same time in order to develop a solution
  • Dived into chrome profiler to figure out an issue with LastPass on a small github library --- managed to debug with user in order to figure out their issue. Thank you incognito mode.
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