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Using GPU Computation in LearnDistribution
5 votes

It was simpler than I thought - simply run: SetOptions[NetTrain,TargetDevice->"GPU"] You can't specify GPU training for LearnDistribution, apparently, but you can set the default to be GPU!

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NetTrain Freezes Computer
4 votes

I've managed to find a workaround, though I know I'll be crucified for it. First, train the network for a safely short amount of time, and save an image of it: trainedNet = NetTrain[net, training, ...

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PodState for showing steps in WolframAlpha
4 votes

I've found the answer! Turns out the PodState has to be: {"[PodName]__Step-by-step solution"} And the second argument to WolframAlpha has to be: {{"[Podname]", 2}, "Content"} If you have a 1 ...

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Find Probability that Image Is Text
Accepted answer
2 votes

One method to achieve this is by loading the underlying neural network: imId = NetModel["Wolfram ImageIdentify Net V1"] And then imId[image, {"Probability", Entity["Concept", "TextualMatter::...

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What does Script B mean in Mathematica Language
1 votes

Entering the number above into Wolfram Alpha, the bottom right text makes it very clear what the constant is:

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