A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 80
A source of input or output: files and pipes are both examples of general Mathematica objects known as streams.
× 77
Questions about built-in/custom parsers or parsing techniques.
× 76
Version-specific issues for Mathematica 7 (other than bugs).
× 76
Questions on managing computation or tasks order. Synchronizing parallel procedures, dynamics objects and so on. It's meant to be a secondary tag to narrow the scope of question already tagged with pa…
× 76
Questions on events in differential equations, which may arise from WhenEvent or discontinuous coefficients in the commands NDSolve and DSolve.
× 74
Questions about Mathematica packages for High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory, e.g. FeynCalc, FeynArts, FormCalc, FeynRules, HEPMath, Package-X, LoopTools, Tracer etc.
× 72
Questions about the use of `Product`, `NProduct`, and other types of multiplication, like `Dot`.
× 70
General guidelines and best practices for Mathematica usage and programming.
× 70
About using and customizing the front-end's auto-completion feature
× 70
Tag for the usage of "FiniteDifference" Method embedded in NDSolve and implementation of finite difference method (fdm) in mathematica.
× 69
Questions about functions with intrinsic part index such as SparseArray, Part and Indexed or iteration variable indexes such as MapIndexed, Sum and Product.
× 68
Questions on counting subparts of expressions, based on certain criteria. This is to be used with primary tags such as list-manipulation or string-manipulation, with the primary tag indicating the spe…
× 67
For questions about the geodetic functionality of Mathematica, including the functions FromDMS, GeoPosition, GeoDistance, GeodesyData, and FindGeoLocation.
× 67
Tag for all questions about getting a connection to, setting up, or accessing a SQL database using Mathematica, particularly (but not restricted to) using Mathematica's DatabaseLink package.
× 66
Questions on the importing/exporting of video files in Mathematica, as well as the use of Mathematica to manipulate video files.
× 64
For questions related to user defined caching mechanisms, memoization, in particular.
× 63
Questions on arithmetic operations in Mathematica.
× 63
only if you did your research and you still don't know why your syntactically correct code does not work.
× 63
a Mathematica package for automatic code generation, focused on finite element method subroutines.