A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 97
Questions on use and formulation of logical operations, including both functions for programming and for mathematical operations.
× 96
Questions about Entity expressions and the use of standardized representations of specific real-world entities.
× 96
Tag for questions about compatibility among various versions of Mathematica, and compatibility issues of Mathematica with various operating systems.
× 96
used for two things: Questions regarding improving execution speed and questions where various methods are compared for execution speed.
× 96
Questions on the arbitrary precision capabilities of Mathematica.
× 94
Questions about character encoding and decoding. This includes, but is not restricted to, conversion of characters to their numerical value in a character table and vice versa and conversion of charac…
× 93
Version-specific issues for Mathematica 8 (other than bugs).
× 92
Questions on the use of Mathematica to capture data from external sources.
× 91
a toolkit for working with SQL databases built into Mathematica.
× 90
Questions about using CUDALink, Mathematica's method to accelerate programs using NVidia graphics cards.
× 89
special notebook windows of the Mathematica front end.
× 89
Questions about stochastic calculus in Mathematica, for example how to use ItoProcess and RandomFunction.
× 88
Questions about numerical accuracy, precision, artifacts, rounding errors, ways to control them and circumvent the issues.
× 88
Questions about coding the generation of Messages and about the Message subsystem itself.
× 87
Questions about the Text based file format CSV (Comma Seperated Values). Questions include, but are not restricted to, importing from and exporting to this file format.
× 87
Questions on position tracking, especially using Mathematica coordinate tracking functions and control objects such as Locator, LocatorPane, and ClickPane.
× 86
Options, methods or issues launching a Kernel instance
× 84
Questions about highlighting for Mathematica input in the Mathematica front-end, and Wolfram Workbench.
× 83
Help in installing Mathematica in different operating systems, and in varied conditions.
× 83
a notebook with a collection of controls such as buttons. They can be used to perform many actions in Mathematica, including entering typesetting characters, styling noteb…
× 82
Questions involving expressions that assume infinite values within the computational range; often associated with NDSolve, NIntegrate, etc.
× 81
Tag for questions about using optional arguments in Mathematica functions.
× 80
For all questions relating to webMathematica. Not for questions relating to Mathematica Online.
× 80
A source of input or output: files and pipes are both examples of general Mathematica objects known as streams.
× 78
For questions pertaining to sets in the set-theoretical sense. Use "assignment" for questions about the use of the Mathematica functions Set or SetDelayed.
× 77
Questions about built-in/custom parsers or parsing techniques.