A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions on the color models, schemes, named colors and color functions supported by Mathematica.
Questions on the manipulation of String objects in Mathematica, and the functions used for these manipulations.
1148 questions
Questions about using complex numbers in Mathematica. This includes basic arithmetic, functions of complex numbers, plotting complex functions, and dealing with branch cuts.
Questions on the use of the Table[] command and other functionality related to lists. Use the [matrix] tag for matrix algebra and related methods, and the [list-manipulation] tag for questions about t…
1101 questions
Questions about functionality that defines or operates on regions (i.e., an open, connected set), including geometric, mesh-based, or data and formula-defined regions.
Questions on the interpolation functions in Mathematica (InterpolatingFunction[], Interpolation[], ListInterpolation[], FunctionInterpolation[], InterpolatingPolynomial[], etc.)
Questions using the Sum command, especially for series and other algebraic objects, and related functions such as SumConvergence
885 questions
Questions on the functionality operating on polynomials
872 questions
Questions on the correct (or improved) formulation of Mathematica code to achieve particular results. Use this tag (not "symbol") for questions about all those odd @@ /@ # & and _ characters, which ar…
867 questions
Questions on parallel computing in Mathematica.
847 questions
Questions about random number generation and the properties of numbers so generated.
Questions on dealing with series data and constructing power series expansions of functions.
Questions on systematic data handling and analysis, including data correction, manipulation, or selection of user-data or built-in data available with Mathematica.
803 questions
Questions on Mathematica packages, which are self-contained bundles of Mathematica code that add new functions and other functionality.
798 questions
Questions related to the application of Mathematica to problems in physics.
Questions on typesetting and making your expressions, matrices, operators, equations or formulae look how you want them to.
783 questions
Questions on legends, figures (usually insets) that indicate what those lines/bars/points in plots refer to, using arrangements of graphic elements and text, whether manually or using built-in functio…
For questions about distributions built-in in Mathematica, and functions that operate on them. Also includes questions about defining your own distributions.
Questions on the application of Mathematica to geometric problems. You might also consider adding the [graphics] tag, if appropriate.
Questions on filtering or selecting data based on certain criteria. This is to be used with primary tags such as list-manipulation, string-manipulation or signal-processing, with the primary tag indic…
719 questions
Questions on the Dataset data type and related functionality introduced in version 10. Do not use for questions on data in more generic list format or data-manipulation questions generally.
716 questions
Questions on the use and creation of meshes including the use of MeshRegion, ElementMesh, and TetGenLink.
How to manipulate expressions structurally, not necessarily complying with the rules of algebra.
691 questions
Tag for questions about bitmapped graphics, particularly those using the Image function.
688 questions
Used to mark questions about nonlinear differential equations, `NonlinearModelFit`, and related to nonlinear dynamics.
678 questions
Questions on constructing graphical objects using relatively complex computations relating to the mathematical structures defining those objects. Examples include convex hulls, Voronoi diagrams, Delau…
Questions on Mathematica's ability to create "moving pictures" from its graphical output, including exporting these animations to other formats.
672 questions
Questions related to displaying identifiable labels in graphics or any other expressions, such as in AxesLabel and Labeled. Not to be confused with Goto-Label.
655 questions
Data visualization is the study of the visual representation of data, meaning "information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of informati…
630 questions
The art of manipulating an algebraic expression into the desired form.
629 questions
Questions about explicit functions expressed in terms of independent variables, i.e. parameters. Including approaches for rewriting functions using different parameterizations.
Questions about machine learning functionality of Mathematica, for instance involving, but not restricted to, Predict, Classify, FindClusters and the various regression functions.
617 questions
Questions on the discrete and continuous Fourier analysis functions of Mathematica, as well as the FourierSeries` package.
For questions about defining recursive functions, recursive algorithms and solving recursive equations.
604 questions
GUI-construction involves everything that is used to programmatically construct a custom graphical user interface under Mathematica.
598 questions
Questions about the generation and use of compiled functions using Compile.
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