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Is it possible to build a small web site with vanilla Mathematica? How about a web server?

There is an exact solution you are looking for Pure Wolfram Engine (freeware!) Webserver with many features supported like WebSockets, GET/POST (but no TLS support so far). Template engine that let ...
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What does this error message about chromedriver mean?

EDIT: It may not work for everyone, but upgrading to 13.3.1 from 13.3 solved the issue for myself and several team members. However, the full outline of my "hack" process is still outlined ...
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Can Mathematica run javascript on a website?

It might be relevant, you can run both in the browser https://github.com/JerryI/wljs-interpreter
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Looking for a WebExecute workaround

I was having the same problem with StartWebSession[]. It would fail with the message: "invalid session id." Its not a perfect fix but I was able to get it ...
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