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You can use Manipulate with an IntervalSlider to look at the different harmonics. Clear["Global`*"] $Version (* "12.3.1 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (June 19, 2021)" *) EDIT: Some embellishments to the original answer. Manipulate[ Module[{ notes = {"C", "C♯", "D", "D♯", "E", "F&...


Try some of these for formatting strategies For indexed variables x/:Format[x[n_]]=Style[Subscript[x,n],Red]; Colour var1/: Format[var1]:=Style["Var1",{Blue,Bold}] var2/: Format[var2]:=Style["Var2",{Purple,Bold}] var3/: Format[var3]:=Style["Var1",{Red,Bold}] Change variable display Format[r[t_]]=\[Rho][t]; Format[r[n_][t_]]=...


This works: TrigReduce[(Cot[A] + 2*Tan[B])/Tan[B] + (Cot[B] + 3*Tan[C])/ Tan[C] + (Cot[C] + Tan[A])/Tan[A]] /. {C -> -A - B} // Simplify

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