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FourierCosCoefficient for function with singularity

I think FourierCosCoefficient is simply ignoring pole of the function at x=0. We can see it by computing indefinite integral and ...
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How to find a closed-form expression for this integral depending on parameter?

A change of variables can help: ...
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Display of nested fractions as products of fractions

Since this is for display only, how about ClearAll["Global`*"] makeNice[e_] := If[Denominator[e] =!= 1, 1/Denominator[e]·Numerator[e], e] And now you ...
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Define a function whose variable is differential operator

We define an operator, that takes a polynomial in x and replaces every x by a derivative operator that acts on the variable x. To prevent that the operator is evaluated too early, we need "Hold&...
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Joint Moments of Stochastic Process at Different Times

You can use Expectation: ...
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Solve taking infinite time

Solving large systems of polynomial equations can be very difficult. The general approach involves using GroebnerBasis, which can be very slow. Here is an ...
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How to make the following replacement?

You can explicitly check for the presence of arguments with ContainsAny. ...
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