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11 votes

Efficient way to storage large lists in a file(s)

Using ByteCount will tell you to expect more than 1 GB: ByteCount @ { alist, blist, clist } (* 1 136 880 448 *) Compress I ...
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7 votes

How to keep downloaded curated data

In Mathematica 10.4.0 (February 26, 2016), StarData[] and similar, e.g. MinorPlanetData[], is now cached. It downloads only once,...
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6 votes

Local Storage of Periodically Collected Data (without using DataDrop)

I will show an example of how easy it is to set up a database, sometimes things seem complicated or overkill because one hasn't seen a good example of how simple it can be. Start by connecting to a ...
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3 votes

Store large symbolic data in a binary format efficiently?

Look at BinarySerialize, particularly the option PerformanceGoal -> "Size". It's even better than ...
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2 votes

Using HTTPRequest "Method"->"PUT" with photos in AWS S3

The problem is with my content hash not matching the AWS calculated hash (as you can see in the response from AWS). I didn't figure out how to get them to match, but I found an option in the AWS ...
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1 vote

Best structure to store a graph?

You can use DumpSave: g = GridGraph[{1000, 1000}]; VertexCount[g] 1000000 ...
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