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Strange result simplifying higher order BesselJ

It's evident, that recursion formulas for series of special function are not integrated yet in FullSimplify or FunctionExpand. The relevant formula here is the fundamental relation $$Z_n(x)=\frac{ 2(n-...
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Should expression evaluation depend on the choice of a variable name?

Of course, many formulas, that cannot be derived by algorithmical methods - characteristically all forms of Eulers hypergeometric series - are solved by table lookup, corrected by Wolframs work, to ...
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Mathieu Floquet solution

Up to Abramowitz, M., and Stegun, I., eds. Handbook of Mathematical Functions. New York: Dover Publications and Maple online help, the following relations are valid ...
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Simplify inverse of function

If you need to implement the result in Excel, you might want to consider solving the problem completely in Excel. Excel is certainly not the equivalent of Mathematica but it does have a lot of ...
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Simplify inverse of function

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Can you give a faster implementation with Mathematica for these q-analog functions?

I have some of these implemented in my CombinatoricTools.m package; see my GitHub page. ...
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