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Is it possible to import data from Google Analytics?

Since Mathematica 10 it's possible to pull data from Google Analytics using ServiceConnect and ServiceExecute. I refer you to ...
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Using ExternalStorageUpload with AmazonS3 and public-read ACL

ExternalStorage does not provide options for specifying ACLs or other metadata for uploaded objects. You could use the AWS service connection to update the ACL of your object after you've uploaded it. ...
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How to download arXiv article PDF files and TEX files in "Other formats" (if they exist)?

To download PDF's for a list of article ID's: ...
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How can I pass authentication credentials to ServiceConnect["GoogleCustomSearch"]?

When the popup for the API key and search engine ID comes up, there is a checkbox to save the information for next time. If you don't see this, try using ServiceDisconnect["GoogleCustomSearch"] and ...
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ServiceExecute for PubChem error when CID not found

Another workaround: $Version (* "13.0.0 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (December 3, 2021)" *) Clear["Global`*"] Look for interpreter types related ...
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OpenAI ServiceConnect for `chat` completion API does not properly implement `logprobs` option

One solution is to construct the request manually...or at least rely on Anton Antonov's helper functions to do so... ...
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"Rate limit reached for requests" from all ChatInput requests, even on the very first use of the API

I only succeeded with a paid plan. You should first test to OpenAI exporting the OPENAI_API_KEY variable and test it with the following curl ...
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How to send a graphic in a text message to a smartphone? (Likely using Twilio)

While not so general as Twilio services which can have various addresses, the SendMessage["MMS",{"text Message",graphic}] works for sending to the phone number given by $...
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Help with some ExternalStorage limitations

I think the Dropbox functionality for external storage comes from a Service Connection to Dropbox. You can list files on a path in Dropbox by using ServiceExecute.
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PubChem Service doesn't support isomeric SMILES specifications?

The fix for this bug has been pushed via paclet update to older versions of Mathematica: ...
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How to download user faves on Flickr?

This is not a full answer As @b3m2a1 suggested, I looked into the paclet and tried updating the functions: p = PacletFind["Service*_*Fl*"] p[[1]]["Location"] ...
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How to configure "BingSearch" in ServiceConnect?

Ok now I can confirm that the API is indeed Bing Search v7 and not Bing Custom Search. I went into the directory "..\SystemFiles\...
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Easy way to download/upload to S3?

Amazon AWS publishes robust SDKs for this purpose. Try their Boto3 SDK which is in Python: You can ...
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How can I pass authentication credentials to ServiceConnect["GoogleCustomSearch"]?

Do two things before entering GoogleCustomSearch: Navigate to Click the blue button GET A KEY. Click the symbol to the right of the Google ...
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