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Zassenhaus formula in Mathematica

Here is my old implementation based on M.WEYRAUCH, D.SCHOLZ, COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS, 180, (2009), 1558-1565 Returns 'unfolded' or 'folded' (in terms of commutators): ...
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Non-minimal coupling ξ - numerical bounce solutions (shooting method, false vacuum decay)

We don't need parameter $\kappa$ since we can express scalar curvature as follows R = -6/r[x]^2 (r''[x] r[x] + r'[x]^2 - 1). With this definition numerical model ...
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How to plot from a condition and limit number of solutions?

This sounds similar to the Dirac comb band-structure, albeit with a slightly different potential. This is typically solved graphically - see e.g. here. You can shade the valid solutions, i.e. when the ...
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Is there a way to do Quantum Computing in Mathematica notebook?

Yes, there is the Wolfram Quantum Framework, here are some useful links.
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Integrating a function over a surface integral

I've been try to perform calculations of exactly this type, and trying the different methods suggested. The energy surface I need is just as convoluted as the silicon Fermi surface shown in the OP and ...

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