Here's a version of the script that works: #!/usr/bin/env wolframscript -print All -run \'Needs[\"ComputerArithmetic`\"]\' Ulp[1000.] This is a limitation of -print All that we probably should either document or find a fix for, though the latter is rather challenging. When executing a script normally or using -print, wolframscript can essentially tell ...


The old Wavelet Explorer has been discontinued. The newer built-in Wavelet Analysis functionality replaces it, with a conversion tutorial here.


You should put it in this folder: FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Applications"}] Packages that you put there will also be automatically available when a new version of Mathematica is installed. You can also install packages from the File menu, File -> Install. It will place the file in the same folder as mentioned above, as I recall (it's been a while....

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