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Ideally I would like to see a vertical divider line to the right of the second ("Q") column. Instead of TableForm[ Reverse[Boole[BooleanTable[ {a, b, Or[And[Not[a], b], b]}, {a, b}]]], TableHeadings -> {None, {"P", "Q", "\[Not]P \[And] Q \[Or] Q"}} ] You can do data = Reverse[ Boole[BooleanTable[{a, b, ...


Try the following: expr1 = (n + r)^q/n^q r1 = (n_ + r_)^q_ -> n^q (1 + r/n)^q expr2 = expr1 /. r1 $$\left(\frac{r}{n}+1\right)^q$$ (n + r)^3/n^3 /. r1 $$\left(\frac{r}{n}+1\right)^3$$

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