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CUDALink support-Mathematica 11

Your CUDA paclet is outdated. Updating it with CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True] should fix your problems. The output of ...
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OpenCL compute large matrices

If memory is your bottleneck then don't use a GPU. The transfer of data between CPU (and its main memory) and the GPU is so slow that it virtually always takes longer than performing the computation ...
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Marginalize a table over given parameters using OpenCL

Before resorting to the nuclear option one can obtain 100-fold speedup with conventional methods. More precisely, we can use Compile to guarantee that we get a <...
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OpenCL compute large matrices

The problem in my OpenCL code was probably coming due to the local memory constraints of the workgroups. After modifying the code a little bit, I could get it to work for the size ...
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OpenCL pass local memory

The OpenCL specification has this to say about clSetKernelArg which is called internally when the arguments are passed in: If the argument is declared with the ...
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