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There is another answer from the Wolfram Community discussion linked in the OP's question: Post l van Veen (1 year ago) It's very annoying but I found a fix with up to now no side effects. It seem that the .nb extension has no iFilter driver linked. I believe this could just be the standard .TXT. Windows 10 and MM12.o You can start regedt32 from the windows ...


Does it fit your needs? It can be anywhere in the notebook with your tests: Button[ "Run 3rd subchapter's group" , SelectionMove[ Cells[CellStyle -> "Subchapter"][[3]] , All , CellGroup ] ; SelectionEvaluate @ EvaluationNotebook[] ]


About the issue of capturing inputs from the mouse scroll wheel: I recently found a way to do this after a suggestion by John Fultz. It's a pretty dumb hack, but it works and it seems to be the only way to do it. The main idea is that there is one avenue for capturing something directly affected by the mouse wheel: the scroll bar in a Pane can be made ...

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