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Something simple like this? Column[ { code1, code2, code3 }, Dividers -> {None, {All, 4 -> None}} ]


You can use SetOptions and FrontEndTokenExecute["DeleteGeneratedCells"] in a cell with the following implementation: nb = InputNotebook[] SetOptions[nb, NotebookEventActions -> {"WindowClose" :> FrontEndTokenExecute["DeleteGeneratedCells"]}]; Running this in your notebook, will delete all output cells when you ...


You can set the status flag of the CellGroupData of your cells to Dynamic[False, None]. This prevents any interactive opening of the cells. If you then also set ShowGroupOpener to False, it seems somewhat workable: CreatePalette@Row@{ Button["Lock", NotebookWrite[ InputNotebook[], NotebookRead[InputNotebook[]] /. ...


The following function will collect all currently open and unsaved notebooks and place their content in a new notebook. The contents from each unsaved notebook are grouped by a "Section" cell bearing the name of the notebook it came from. Any existing "Section" cells are downgraded to "Subsection" to make the result more tidy. ...

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