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Listing most recently modified sections in Notebook?

You can find the section containing a given cell by using the {"CounterValue", "Section"} current value. Leveraging this idea produces: ...
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Converting Wolfram Language Scripts (.wls) into PDFs

another method, use player :) : take your code as an example: comment can be TextCell with style. ...
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Converting Wolfram Language Scripts (.wls) into PDFs

I found a solution using the low-level cell representation Cell[]. Using Jupyter front-end This code works using the free (as in free-speech) Jupyter front-end with ...
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Converting Wolfram Language Scripts (.wls) into PDFs

Load the script as text. Replace all (* ... *) with cOmMeNt["..."], eventually with proper escaping. Put text into a ...
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Export Notebook as Text (in 13.3 &14)

I recently found myself in a similar situation where I wanted text-only but structured files generated from my notebooks for source control and revision tracking. I could not find an optimal solution, ...
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How to find large cells in a Mathematica notebook?

NotebookCellData gives a slightly nicer formatted table. Looks like a single vector graphics can push 50MB, makes sense to Rasterize. ...
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How to write code to close the current open Notebook document after 10 seconds?

Your task is held and executed asynchronously so once it gets to the Kernel it won't 'remember' which notebook it was sent from. You need to send it with that information: ...
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How to find large cells in a Mathematica notebook?

Maybe something like: ...
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How to write mixed fraction in text cell?

Row[{5, 1/2}] $$5\frac{1}{2}$$ Using \[ImplicitPlus\] to write it in text cell press 5, press esc, press +, press esc, press 1, ...
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How to use the Testing Notebook to test a package without shadowing?

This still seems to be an issue in 2023. I use the following workaround. I load the package I want to test. Instead of using the RunAll button, I highlight all test cells and use shift-Enter. In ...
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Non-breaking hyphen?

You can directly input the unicode character for the non-breaking hyphen in a cell: \:2011 You can also create an input alias to allow direct input of a unicode non-breaking hyphen. ...
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