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Change the default name of a new notebook from Untitled-*?

Building upon Create new notebook at fixed size ...
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How to convert a Markdown file into a Mathematica notebook

Here is a stand-alone Command Line Interface (CLI) app implemented in Raku : "Markdown::Grammar". See the video "Markdown to Mathematica converter (CLI and StackExchange examples)" ...
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Create and copy whole cell before NotebookApply

Does it fit your needs? ...
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How do I unlock a Mathematica Notebook?

I've poked around those notebooks, turns out the culprit is $CellContext`GhostCellInEmptyNotebook option in the stylesheet. No idea what it's doing, but deleting it ...
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No vertical mouse scrolling in version 11.3

I found out that scrolling is possible provided the notebook does not contain too long and too many groups of commands. If I close most of the groups and leave only the group of the actual topic open ...
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Any practical benefit of preserving notebook history?

The "notebook history" is just a record of times when cells were changed. It does not keep track of cell contents. I believe it is very unlikely that this is what took up a lot of space in ...
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