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Can't save notebook. Save Dialogue opens "Stylesheet Dialogue" instead

I met this for several times before. I've been convinced that this is a bug. To fix this without restart, try execute FrontEndTokenExecute@"Save".
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Default window size too small in version 12.3 (in Windows 10)

I found a solution for this, but only works on latest macOS Ventura. Open the stage manager: Change the setting to this: then reopen Mathematica ,the default notebook should centered
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Error when trying to do TeX input with ImportString[]

Your code does not work because 2^2 is not a valid TeX input (it will also not work if you use it in any other TeX compiler). That is because character ...
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What is the difference between code cell and input cell?

TLDR: Code is the default one in .wl .m files, content of Input in those cases will be commented so it won't run with << my.wl ( more: 9921 Input does a ...
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