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Recently, I revisited this thread for dealing with NumericArrays produced via numpy where numpy.nan will be embedded as NAN`, which can be simply generated using the following code: cNaN = ExternalEvaluate["Python", "import numpy as np; np.array([np.nan])"] // Normal // First And I found a caveat in Barry's approach that a number ...


I have found through a lot of iterations that the easiest and most reliable way of doing this is to pass the images using Base64 strings. I have included example functions for sending and retrieving images using Mathematica .NETLink. The .NETLink built in function for retrieving images (EvaluateToImage) seems to re-encode the image. Once the image is back in ...


Do not link against wstp64i4s.lib. wstp64i4.lib is the only version you should use.

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