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Speeding a Manipulate illustrating convolution

As pointed by Nasser in comment above, Convolve is having difficulty in handling certain combination of f and ...
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Using Manipulate On Parametric Plots

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Manipulate breaks when using the RegionFunction option?

$Version "13.3.1 for Linux x86 (64-bit) (July 24, 2023)" A work-around: add the option ...
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Extending an Animated Vector Flow from Two to Three Dimensions

Dynamic change the position of Arrowheads. ...
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Pointwise convergence of Fourier series: partial sum animation not rendering plot

I suspect that the issue is that in your code, Mathematica is reevaluating Integrate[f[s] (E^(-I n s)), {s, -Pi, Pi}] for every summand in every frame — which ...
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Make `Manipulate` work despite `Clear["Global`*"]`

You can use Copying one symbol into another and store ClearAll-persistent values as DynamicModule variables. ...
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