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Here is one way to achieve that using the wolframscript and Automator: Create a automator script with two steps: a) "Get Selected Finder items" and b) "Run Shell Script" Define the Wolfram code in the file.wls. Here I'm using a simple example of combining two image files. #!/usr/bin/env /usr/local/bin/wolframscript files = ...


Make sure you download the correct Mac version from the portal. I see two in my portal; you want Mathematica_12.3.1_MAC-ARM_DLM.dmg (download manager) or Mathematica_12.3.1_MAC-ARM.dmg (full installer). The Download File Information dialog will indicate Platform: macOS for Apple Silicon.


Mathematica 12.3.1 as of July 2021, supports native Apple M1, my benchmark on a M1 Macbook pro, 16GB is: {"MachineName" -> "laederlappen", "System" -> "Mac OS X ARM (64-bit)", "BenchmarkName" -> "WolframMark", "FullVersionNumber" -> "12.3.1", "Date" -&...

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