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Saving solutions of equations with indexed variables to a table

First, use Solve to get the solution: sol = First@Solve[{c[0, 4, 0] + ...} == {494/(6561 Sqrt[π]), ...}]; Now iterate through the values and put them in another ...
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Implementing Brockett's Flow in Mathematica

Looks like A needs to be diagonal. Also, couldn't figure out why I couldn't reuse definition of commutator inside the compiled function until reading this post, I ...
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Visualizing pseudo-spectra of large matrices

Matrix mat we test with this code is dense one, therefore, "Arnoldi" is not appropriate method. With Automatic options we have ...
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Decomposing a quadratic form as a linear combination of squares of linear forms

"Eigensystem" is the function you are looking for. Here is an example: Given some symmetric square matrix: ...
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